July 30, 2015

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Stockman pledge

Senate Candidate Steve Stockman Locks out Reporters, Other Candidates and Voters from Tea Party Meeting in Tarrant County

U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Stockman who currently serves as a Congressman in the 36th Congressional District of Texas appears to have an issue with freedom of the press and the First Amendment.  Stockman, who has been attempting to get an interview with this writer for the past couple of weeks, had a campaign event scheduled at the Northeast Tarrant County TEA Party on Tuesday night in Bedford, Texas. As a political writer for TexasGOPVote, I decided to attend this meeting to learn more about Stockman and his campaign.  When I arrived at the event, I was surprised to learn that I would not be allowed to attend the event. It seems that, … [Read More...]

President Obama Screams in Fear at Texans Take to the Polls

Early Vote Begins In Texas But Some Areas Trending Purple – Get Out and Vote!

As the early vote begins in Texas, it is already underway in many states across America. Now is the time for us not to just get out the vote enough to win, but to bring all of our votes to the polls to send a clear message to our government. Many areas of Texas are solid red in our votes. But, in some of our largest counties we have gone anywhere from purple to solid blue. Many local races were lost by Republicans with the slimmest of margins. Sometimes only a few votes separated a Republican victory or loss in recent elections. This is a trend you can stop! Dallas County went blue several years ago and in 2008 President Obama washed a … [Read More...]