September 29, 2021

Oceanside Police Officer Shows Professionalism in Dealing with Open Carry Contact

Oceanside California Police Officer Matthew Lyons was recently dispatched to a service call about a man openly carrying a firearm in his city.  YouTube is awash with videos of police officers improperly handling these types of calls.  But Officer Lyons shows himself to be a true professional as he deals with a contact who is clearly out to exercise his rights.

Matthew Lyons


In this day in time, one can certainly sympathize with a police officer who receives this type of call.  A responding officer has no idea what to expect.  Many approach the situation expecting the worst and often, if you expect the worst, you will find it.  Watch as Officer Lyons approaches the contact and properly deals with the situation.

Keep in mind that open carry laws vary widely from state to state. Texas does not allow open carry, so if you are open carrying you should expect a completely different reaction from police.  Obviously Officer Lyons is very confident and competent in the laws of California. All states should enact what is called “Constitutional Carry” which allows a firearm to be carried openly or concealed.  Arizona passed just this type of law last year.

Officer Lyons is clearly an experienced officer and is a credit to Oceanside PD and police everywhere.  While researching this story, I discovered Lyons has written a book about his experiences as an Oceanside Police officer.  The book is available for purchase at Arcadia Publishing.  Check it out and show this officer you appreciate his professionalism by purchasing his book.

Perhaps someone who knows Officer Lyons will have him drop me a note and I can send him some Blue Wonder Gun Care Products as a reward for his character and professionalism.  Well Done Officer!

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The Other New Arizona Law…

Is Open Carry Right for Texas

With all the furor over the Arizona Illegal Immigration Enforcement Law recently passed, another new law in Arizona passed without much fanfare.  Effective July 29th of this year, Arizona citizens will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon without a concealed carry permit.

The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right of American citizens to “keep and bare arms”.  The new Arizona law re-affirms the right of Americans in Arizona to defend themselves with a concealed weapon.  Arizona will continue to issue Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) licenses to qualified citizens.  One might ask why someone would want a AZ CCW license when they are allowed to concealed carry without a license.  There are two good reasons for this.  First would be for travel purposes.  The Arizona CCW license has reciprocity with 32 other states.  This affords AZ citizens the ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights without question in these other states.  Additionally, by having a AZ CCW license, citizens can forgo the NICS background check when purchasing new firearms as their background has already been thoroughly checked.  The training for an AZ CCW is also a good idea to make certain the citizen is familiar with applicable AZ laws regarding the use of deadly force and prohibited places of carry.

Arizona joins Alaska and Vermont in passing “Constitutional Carry” laws which allow its citizens to carry a firearm open carry or concealed, with our without a license.

Should Texas follow the lead of these other states by passing its own “Constitutional Carry” law?  At the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Dallas earlier this month, I asked that question to Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.  He said he would support this kind of legislation in Texas.  While serving as a Texas State Senator, Jerry Patterson sponsored the legislation that brought Concealed Carry rights to Texans.  Patterson also supports open carry in Texas asking “is an openly carried gun more dangerous than a concealed one? I don’t think so.”

The upcoming legislature of Texas will face many new challenges.  Many people will be asking Texas to follow the lead of Arizona in regards to immigration enforcement.  I hope Texas will follow the lead of Arizona on this issue as well.

What say you?