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June 22, 2021

A Lawless Presidency – Part 5 – National Rifle Association Getting Furious Fast over Fast and Furious

Photo Reposted from LawEnforcementToday.com

Perhaps the most lawless act of the Obama Presidency has been its role in Operation Fast and Furious. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been out front in keeping this story in the public’s eye. While in Washington, DC, last month, I spoke with NRA Spokesperson Jacqueline Otto about Fast and Furious. She told me the NRA got “furious fast over Fast and Furious“.

Operation Fast and Furious first came to public attention shortly after the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered during a firefight with Mexican gangsters in December of 2010. In the video below, I talk with Otto about the anti-gun agenda of the Obama Administration and how they created Fast and Furious to create a crisis in order to further their gun-control plans.

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News

Otto acknowledged TexasGOPVote’s role in reporting this scandal early on and keeping the story alive until picked up nationally by CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Senator Charles Grassley and HouseOversight Committee Chairman Daryl Issa led the way for Congressional investigations leading to Contempt of Congress charges being levied against Eric Holder for his refusal to provide subpoenaed documents Congress required to carry out its Constitutionally mandated role of oversight.

On the political agenda of the Obama Administration, Otto explained, “Almost from the beginning there was a chorus of Administration officials using the term ‘90% of the firearms that were used in Mexican violence”. 90% of firearms they said were coming from America.

Otto continued, “What they didn’t tell us was that they were the ones sending them there – through Operation Fast and Furious. And, when that story came to light through the murder of Brian Terry and through the hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been murdered through this violence.

The proof of the gun control agenda soon followed. Otto explained, “They used the 90% figure to justify their new regulatory schemes, their new registration requirements and forcing these federally licensed firearms dealers that are in the border states to jump through more hoops, and do more paperwork and follow more requirements when they weren’t the ones at fault.

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Many of the firearms dealers in Arizona and Texas asked to not participate in this program – fearing violence and death would result from this. They were coerced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE, or ATF) to continue their participations. This was revealed in one of Senator Grassley’s earliest reports.

In my Feb, 2010 article titled, Agent Brian Terry Murder – DOJ Adds to the Cover-up, I wrote, “The licensed gun dealer who sold the weapons allegedly recovered at the scene of Agent Terry’s murder met with the ATF and the Assistant US Attorney as early as December 2009 to discuss his role as a licensed dealer during this investigation. Avila was allowed to continue his purchases, including two .50 caliber rifles as late as June 2010.

The investigation continues despite an internal DOJ Inspector General report which whitewashed Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement in Fast and Furious. Ask yourself this, if Holder and Obama are not directly involved, how and why did Obama give Holder Executive Privilege on this scandal?

A Lawless Presidency, Part One – Obama Administration Rips-off Non-Union Delphi Pensions, Preserves Unions Pensions

Author’s Note: President Barack Hussein Obama has been running an administration that is lawless at best.  Today begins a series of articles about “A Lawless Presidency”.  This series will illustrate a long chain of behavior by the President and his administration that clearly illustrates that they believe they are above the law or will just make it up as they go with a deliberate intention of creating a socialist nation and economy.  The purpose of this series it to help create an informed electorate motivated to remove this lawless President and create a Republican majority in the Senate in November’s election and restore our Republic to a government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution is often referred to as the Equal Protection amendment.  In other words, all people must be treated equally under the law.  While researching for this series, I came across a situation that was such an egregious violation of equal protection that many people who heard me mention this in a recent speech could not believe it could possibly be true. Bankruptcy Law Review, earlier this month, posted a link to an article about Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner’s plans to terminate the pensions of non-union workers at Delphi auto parts manufacturing company while using tax dollars to save the pensions of union workers.

The link refers readers to an article by The Daily Caller stating Geithner “was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 salaried retirees at Delphi.”  This action took place in 2009 as part of the auto bailout and specifically targets people who are NOT members of the labor unions.

The Daily Caller discusses internal government emails which contradict sworn testimony by members of the lawless Obama Administration before Congress.  These messages show the administration misled both lawmakers and the bankruptcy courts.

This action clearly demonstrates Obama’s and his administration’s propensity to ignore the Constitution (in this case, the 14th Amendment) and simply make up new law on the fly – all the while ignoring the rule of law by misleading Congress and the courts.

The Daily Caller followed up two weeks later with a report about aconservative group’s ad highlighting the Delphi pension scandal. Announcing the ad, Colin Hanna, president of the Let Freedom Ring group said, “President Obama rightly talks a lot about the importance of fairness, but was it fair for his administration to terminate the pensions of Delphi’s 20,000 salaried retirees while bailing out the pensions of the union retirees at the very same company?”

The Obama Administration is abusing the bankruptcy system to provide political payback to unions who helped his election campaign and who will work tirelessly against us to ensure his re-election this November. In a speech quoted in the ad, President Obama said, “Right now, bankruptcy laws are more focused on protecting banks than protecting pensions.  And I don’t think that is fair.  Not the America I believe in.”

Well, Mr. President, the America I believe in is one where the President follows the law.  Not one where administration officials simply change the laws they don’t think are fair, on their own, without legislation from Congress.  That is why we have a Congress and a Constitution.  President Obama wasn’t trying to protect pensioners. He was protecting union pensioners – to the exclusion of non-union pensioners.  And THAT, Mr. President, is not fair.

While the mainstream media is mostly ignoring this story, Fox News Channel reports about a bi-partisan group of lawmakers who are demanding an investigation into this lawless behavior on the part of Obama’s Administration.

Hopefully that can happen.  We do need a bi-partisan investigation into this, but can that really happen in our current political climate and Congressional configuration? In future reports, I will ask members of Congress what will be done about this serious breach of the law.

This story is not new, of course.  Only the portion about the abuse of the non-union employees is new.  In August of 2009, Automobile Magazinereported on the bankruptcy of Delphi and re-assured pension holders their retirement was secure. The article stated, “Delphi workers and retirees can breathe a sigh of relief today, as the US Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) has announced it will assume responsibility of the (auto parts) supplier’s pension plans.”

The article concludes with, “The PBGC will inherit the pension plans of about 70,000 Delphi workers.”  It was only later that the non-union retirees would learn the truth. Imagine the heartbreak and anger of these retirees when they learned their pensions would be cut 30-40% while their union co-workers would be just fine.

Is this the way the bankruptcy legal process is supposed to work?  What is happening in the U.S. bankruptcy court system?  It seems that individual shareholders are not immune to similar abuses either.  According to Bankruptcy Law Review, “one individual shareholder living in Colorado found himself sued by a Chicago Tribune subordinated debt holder, a so-called secured creditor. His wrongful act? He bought shares of the Chicago Tribune.”  The shareholder wrote a letter to the bankruptcy judge, saying “there doesn’t seem to be any adult supervision…”  Is it even safe to buy shares in public companies anymore?

The Delphi bankruptcy is related to the much larger GM bankruptcy and bailout touted by the Obama Administration.  Is the GM bailout about to come unraveled? At least one party claims the bankruptcy court fell short of doing its job.  Just wait to see what we have to say about this particular bankruptcy in the next report in this series.

Will Obama’s Hypocrisy Towards Hispanics Leave Him with Yet More Egg on His Face?

Obama left with egg on his face

President Barrack Obama has a long history of hypocrisy when it comes to Hispanics.  He has made many promises to Hispanics and delivered on none of them.  He continues to dangle the carrot of promises, but so far the promises and left an empty plate of unfulfilled dreams.  But not to worry Hispanics…  According to Obama, he has five more years to get something done for you!  Don’t you feel better now?

In 2007, then Senator Obama said he supported the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform Bill which was also supported by then President George W. Bush.  However, the bill failed.  It failed, in some part, do to Obama’s votes for many of the amendments which made the bill unpopular and destined it to failure.  In 2008, Presidential Candidate Obama promised to deliver a pathway to citizenship his first year in office.  This, along with many other of his promises piled up on the list of unfulfilled campaign promises.

When President Obama took office in January of 2009 he was in a position to accomplish virtually anything he wanted.  He had a Democrat controlled House of Representatives ruled by the iron fist of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  He had a supermajority Senate that was tightly controlled by Majority Leader Harry Reid.  They could pass anything they wanted for nearly two years without a single Republican vote. Despite this position of power, President Obama did not submit one single piece of immigration reform legislation. Not one…

But then, in the waning moments of the Congress in 2010, low and behold a bill was brought forward to provide the children of illegal immigrants a “Dream Act”.  However, this bill was doomed to failure from the beginning because of the Democrats’ anchoring the bill down with abortion on demand amendments and the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” provisions that ensured that no Republican would vote for the bill.  It was designed by Sen. Reid to fail from the beginning as I wrote in a previous article.

Hispanics left holding the bag as Democrats fail on promises

So, during this period where they could pass anything they wanted (as demonstrated by the cramming down our throats of the ObamaCare legislation) Obama and the Democrats did nothing for Hispanics on immigration reform.  Okay, that is not entirely accurate, they did set a record for splitting up Hispanic families by deporting more illegal immigrants than any president in recent history.  And, according to immigration attorney and fellow TexasGOPVote blogger Linda Vega, the Obama administration deported more US Citizens who were of Hispanic descent than any other president.  Don’t you feel better about Obama now?

How long will Hispanics allow Obama and the Democrats to play them? Will it take them as long to learn as it has other minorities who have been promised much by Democrats over the past fifty years but who are generally worse off today than before?  I certainly hope not.

The Democrat Carrot of Immigration Reform

“I’ve got another five years coming up,” Obama said to a Hispanic radio station yesterday.  Really?  Does he believe Hispanics are too stupid to see what he has promised and failed to deliver in his first two years? Does he really think they won’t realize he could have done whatever he wanted his first year, but chose to ignore their issue?  Does he think Hispanics will ignore the slap in the face to the Catholic church he delivered this month?

What Obama has done in his first term should prove to Hispanics that he and the Democrats do not represent their conservative values. They do not respect the Hispanic people and only seek to keep these issues alive in order to drive a wedge between Hispanics and their true conservative values.  Obama believes his hypocrisy will go un-noticed as he continues to dangle the carrot of promises he has proven he has not intention to deliver.  Obama and the Democrats have lied to Hispanics and will continue to do so as long as they are allowed to get away with unfulfilled dreams.

To quote Congressman Ted Poe,  “… and that’s just the way it is!”

Racism – Discrimination and Fraud in Construction – “Mexican Cliques in Construction”

Ricardo Charles on Construction Site

Mexican Cliques in Construction, a book by thirty-year Hispanic carpenter Ricardo Charles, details a story of racism, fraud, discrimination and organized crime that is apparently running rampant in the construction industry of Texas. Mr. Charles’ story first came to my attention in a report fromHouston’s Fox 26 where I learned briefly about his allegations of corruption.

Reporter Greg Groogan asked Charles if black construction workers were welcome on construction sites in Texas. Charles said, “Oh no, blacks, they are out of the question. Blacks are out of the question. Nobody wants a black person in there.” Charles, a US Army Veteran, was speaking about what the “cliques” would say about blacks in the workforce. He said the same thing applies to whites.

Fox 26 News Story:

I next heard more in-depth information on this story on KTRH’s Michael Berry Show and became intrigued by how rampant and destructive the construction, as being alleged by Charles, appeared to be. Charles discussed bribery, kickbacks and outright fraud being perpetrated by these “cliques” and the complicity of contracting companies and construction companies.

As part of my continuing series on employee misclassification, I decided to meet with Mr. Charles and find out what his story is really all about.  What I found was a very credible man who is deeply concerned about an industry he loves, construction, and what is being done to destroy that industry in the name of greed and racism.

Ricardo Charles

I asked Mr. Charles how this situation developed. He told me, “Corruption has been going on inside the plants for many years, but today’s workforce comes with a culture of bribes. The Mexican culture of bribery makes it hard for ordinary citizens to be part of the workforce. However, these cliques help the employers by controlling the job sites by driving out ‘unwanted’ new workers. Anybody who disagrees with an unlawful act gets terminated.

The traditional way of hiring through human resources has changed. Corrupt supervisors and managers inside do the hiring and firing giving preference to relatives and friends who, on occasion, pay to obtain the job. The employee of choice is the one who can be manipulated and does not report criminal acts. Eventually these type of workers join the existing group adding more crime into the system.” Charles continued.

Over the next several weeks I will bring you a series of video interviews with Mr. Charles.  We will talk about several key aspects of this story and dive deep into details. These details will include names where possible of the companies and individuals participating in these schemes.

We will delve deep into this topic and talk about why this is happening and who is not doing anything to stop it.  We will also bring more interviews from other people who are experiencing these conditions and situations.

Mr. Charles spent several thousand dollars of his own money to publish his book. Consider helping this whistleblower continue his work by purchasing a copy so you can completely understand what is happening here.  The book is available in both English and Spanish.  You can click the link below to purchase a copy of this book.

 “Mexican Cliques in Construction”

Houston Texas and Sex Slavery – Human Trafficking. What do they have in common?

Just before last year’s Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, I posted an article relating to human trafficking, sex slavery and how those things connected to the Super Bowl. The Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, had weighed in on the topic calling the Super Bowl “a magnet for child sex traffickers”. The story also discussed what was being done in Houston and Harris County which has become widely known as the Sex Slave Capital of the United States.

As we approach this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the topic and see what has occurred in the past year. The first thing on this list?  New laws passed by the Texas Legislature.

In this most recent legislative session, Texas put more teeth into the state’s statutes regarding human trafficking. The penalty for a first offense (now a 1st degree felony) is now a minimum 25 years in prison.  An additional bill was passed and signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry which makes it harder for human traffickers to make bond and imposes much tougher parole restrictions.

Atty Gen Greg Abbott

General Abbott, present for the bill signing, said, “Human traffickers use force, fraud and coercion to compel their victims into modern-day slavery.”  Abbott continued, “By increasing penalties for traffickers and continuing to foster cooperation among law enforcement, these measures will help ensure Texas remains hostile territory for human traffickers.”

But what about Houston?  What is going on in Harris County, Texas to break down these circumstances where women are forced into prostitution as either indentured servants or kidnap victims? Yesterday, I rode with Constable Ron Hickman, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable, as his deputies conducted a raid on a massage parlor in North Harris County.

Constable Ron Hickman enters Diamond Spa during licensing raid.

Hickman told me, “In many cases, these girls are in this country legally. Someone has helped them obtain legal visas and other documents to legally be in this county.” Hickman continued, “In many cases we find out these women are paying off debts incurred by their process of coming to the US, or they are forced into slavery by duress of either threats against them or their families back home.

Does this look like a massage table? What goes on in this room?

Hickman’s deputies don’t go after these places on prostitution laws which are complicated and in many cases hard charges to make stick. Instead, they are employing a new tactic being utilized by other departments around the country. They are enforcing massage services licensing statutes.

Captain Skip Oliver said, “These are much simpler cases to make. First we prove they are offering massage services. Then, they either have a license or they don’t.” What I learned was that in most cases, neither the establishment, nor the girls are licensed. This makes for easily provable cases which can be prosecuted.

The ultimate goal is to build enough cases to enable the County Attorney’s Office to come in and close the business as a public nuisance.

Yesterday’s raid focused on a place called the “Diamond Spa” in the 16,000 block of Kuykendahl in North Harris County.  It could just have easily been any number of other such “spas”.  But regardless of whether they call themselves a “spa” or “massage parlor” or a barber shop, if they offer massage services (or any of a large number of other regulated services), this law enforcement technique is proving to be effective.

High security for a "spa"?

Upon entry, the first thing I noticed was a very extensive security system. Very unusual for something proclaiming to be a health spa. Secondly, I notice no documentation anywhere of the required documentation. On this day, two women and one man were taken into custody. The “manager” will be most likely charged with a Class A misdemeanor of operating a spa without a license. The “therapist” will most likely be charged with providing massage services without a license (Class C). The “therapist” also appeared to have expired ICE paperwork so she could have other problems as well.

Precinct 4 Asst. Chief Deputy, Tim Cannon, told me, “It is pretty rare to find illegal aliens in these raids.  Most of the girls are legally here.”  I asked him how often they find women who admit they are “trafficking victims”.  He replied, “It doesn’t happen very often. Every once in a while one will throw her hands up and claim to be a victim of trafficking.

Another victims of human trafficking?

I asked Cannon why this is when declaring to be a human trafficking victim is almost certain grounds for obtaining a “T” immigration visa.  Cannon said, “Most of the time these girls are under duress. Either their families back home, or someone they know here are being threatened if the girl talks or admits her situation. So, despite the big carrot of the “T” visa, most will not come forward. This makes it very difficult to build cases for human trafficking.”

What I saw today was angering and sad at the same time.  As you have seen in the pictures I took, these girls are living in deplorable conditions. The bed, pictured below, sleeps as many as four to six girls in one night.

On any given night, this bed sleeps four to six young girls

I was told these spa’s bring in about $1,500 per shift, per girl.  Many spas operate 24 hours per day.  Now this isn’t the only money involved. This is just the door fees paid to the “house” when the client enters. After that is the fees paid to the girl which might run anywhere from $40 to $200 per session depending on the services requested. The door fees alone can total up to a half million dollars a month from just one spa. Many own up to as many as four or five.

Notepad of other girls around the country

These raids often bring rewards of much more value than just the arrests. In today’s raid Cpl. Ernest Gonzalez showed me a notebook full of phone numbers that could lead to other trafficking victims and the suppliers of these women. “This is the key to the vault, ” Gonzales said. “Information like this supplies the building blocks for making much bigger cases.

I learned the County Attorney’s office is having difficulty because these spas all use one single attorney to represent their cases. He keeps up with the latest techniques used by law enforcement and is ready with either a defense or a stalling tactic. The stall tactic allows the “owners” to reorganize making prosecution even more difficult.

Shower Table? What goes on here?

By looking at the setup in the rooms, it is clear what is going on here. One room had only a bed, no massage table.  Another had a massage table and a couch.  Each room had a shower and one “shower room” had a vinyl covered bed for who knows what kind of action.

This spa was equipped with a well-stocked kitchen, an exceedingly large number of tissue paper boxes and a laundry which was being repaired when we arrived because of overuse of the machines for washing towels and sheets.

A lifetime supply of tissues?

Fully stocked refrigerator?

Full Kitchen for on premises living...

This place seemed clean, but Constable Hickman assured me in most cases that is not what they find.  “Because of all the cooking and living conditions, these places usually have a very distinct odor.”

PHX to IAH - Where next?

At the end of the day, life in the spa business goes on and these trafficked girls continue to be shipped across the country.  I saw one of the luggage bags with a recent tag showing its owner had flown in from Phoenix. This is their life. One sad place of existence after another.

Constable Hickman and his team are to be commended. Over the past several years, they have made hundreds of arrests. His department’s website details the activities in these spas and their efforts to shut them down.  Many of these sites have been shut down.  Some pop back up just as quickly under a new name with new ownership. This a cash cow business. But for these victims of human trafficking, it is a hell-on-earth experience.

Massage table and shower...

One thing that impressed me about Hickman and these operations is the efficiency upon which these are conducted. Hickman told me, “I do all the work on these Massage Parlors, Game Rooms and Curbstoning (unlicensed flipping of used car titles) with just two employees! I cut out bureaucracy and overhead in our department and manage to provide these services while cutting costs.” In these times of tight budgets, this fits well with conservative principles of reducing the size and cost of government.

Hickman would like to encourage our readers to get involved in helping stop these human trafficking and sex crimes spots. If you would like to report illicit or suspicious massage parlors, please follow this link to his department’s website and make a report.

I will continue to follow this topic and report what I find as it comes up. This is but one example of human trafficking. But it is not just sex slavery. It includes the construction industry, restaurant business and many others. If you know of any related information on this topic, please contact us directly to investigate.  Please come back here for more information as we uncover the dark truth that stains Texas and this beautiful city.

Broken lives and broken hearts.

A Message from Lt. Governor David Dewhurst on the President’s State of the Union Address

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst sent the following message about tonight’s State of the Union address.  This is posted for informational purposes and does not imply support of, nor endorsement of any political candidate.

David Dewhurst Issues Statement on Upcoming State of the Union Address

David Dewhurst issued the following statement today prior to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address later this evening:

“What Americans will hear tonight from President Barack Obama are more empty words that have led to failed policies and broken promises and more class warfare rhetoric we have heard for the last three years. President Obama’s empty words have only led to failed policies and broken promises. It’s time for the President to stop making excuses, and instead outline specific pro-growth proposals to get our country back on track.


“The first steps towards fixing the problems in Washington are to repeal ObamaCare, dramatically cut spending and pass a balanced budget. Unbelievably, the Democrat-controlled Senate has allowed 1,000 days to pass without a federal budget. As a Washington outsider not beholden to any special interest groups, I will be a strong, independent voice for Texas in the Senate.  I know how to pass a balanced budget because I helped pass them in Texas, five consecutive times, without raising taxes. I will take my proven Texas knowledge and conservative principles to Washington to help get America back on track.


“It’s high time that President Obama and Congress begin addressing these critical problems facing our nation. I have released a detailed policy plan aimed at repealing the job-killing policies this Administration has pursued, and replacing them with sound, conservative pro-growth policies. Americans and Texans deserve better than what this Administration continues to offer. We will not continue to stand for the tax-and-spend ways of Washington, and I will fight every day to make sure we reduce spending, cut taxes, balance the budget and limit the role of the federal government.”


The first chapter of Dewhurst’s policy plan to repeal President Obama’s job-killing agenda and replace with a pro-growth agenda can be found below, or on our website here.
1. Repeal ObamaCare

  • The costs of ObamaCare are spiraling out of control, leaving our children and grandchildren to pay for it.
  • Repealing ObamaCare will save American taxpayers at least $540 billion over the next ten years.
  • The uncertainty of ObamaCare is keeping businesses on the sidelines and is directly responsible for companies not hiring.
  • ObamaCare is an example of one-size legislation that does not fit all, and does little to improve America’s healthcare system.
  • ObamaCare is another federal entitlement that we cannot afford.

Dewhurst Plan:  Free-Market Healthcare

  • Create a permissive free-market system.
  • Align incentives so doctors, hospitals and patients get more value for their healthcare dollars.
  • Expand the individual health insurance market.
  • Bring Texas reforms to Washington.
    Reform the legal system.
    Put forth sensible solutions that lower the number of malpractice lawsuits.
  • Equalize tax treatment.
    16-17% of the GDP is spent on healthcare and that number is only going to grow with the incoming wave of an older generation.

2. Stop The Obama EPA’s Job-Killing Agenda

  • Rein in President Obama’s out of control EPA.
  • Stop unnecessary job regulations that hurt Texas businesses.

Dewhurst Plan:  Overhaul The EPA

  • Use the power of the purse and Congress’ investigative powers to repeal EPA job-killing regulations opposed by Congress and most Americans.
  • Investigate current practices and regulations being implemented by the EPA.
  • Implement a tougher, more job-friendly analysis of current practices.
  • Make sure landowners and job-creators have a seat at the table when EPA is considering new regulations.
  • Cut down on administrative costs and overregulation.
  • Maintain clean air and water while still enforcing regulations that allow businesses to grow and prosper.

3.   Stop National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Over-reach

  • Prevent the NLRB from telling companies like Boeing which states to place manufacturing plants in.
  • Stop the NLRB from interfering with private sector business decisions – end the NRLB’s trampling on the Constitution.
  • More government overregulation, which is preventing jobs from being created.

Dewhurst Plan:  Less NLRB Meddling, More Job Creation

  • Insist on new leadership at the NLRB.
  • Conduct tough hearings on NLRB decision making under President Obama, and investigate interference with private business decision-making.
  • End federally mandated prevailing wage regulations, which will serve to bring down the cost of building infrastructure – roads, dams, ports, bridges, etc.
  • Accelerate the approval process for FAA upgrades.
    Allow private investors to invest in airports and air traffic control upgrades so that modernization and improvements can be made to match the needs of the 21st Century.

4. End the Wasteful Obama Green Energy Gravy Train

  • End taxpayer bailouts to companies like Solyndra, which declared bankruptcy after providing numerous warning signals to the White House before receiving $535 million in grants.
  • Stop President Obama’s “energy cronyism” of giving federal grants to donors.
  • Stop lobbyist and President Obama donors from feasting on taxpayer dollars for pet “Green” energy products, which don’t make good commercial sense and never make it to consumers.

Dewhurst Plan:  Develop America’s Massive Domestic Energy Resources

  • Fully develop and utilize America’s abundant energy resources.
  • Stop interfering with hydro-fracking of oil and gas wells, which is completely safe, and streamline oil and natural gas drilling regulations to allow more drilling.
  • Aggressively re-open Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas exploration with sensible safeguards in place.
  • Stop playing “political football” with energy projects like the Keystone pipeline.
  • To encourage more drilling for natural gas, open new markets for liquefied natural gas and encourage the building of ports and other facilities that can handle LNG exports.

Saddle-Up Texas Straw Poll – Ted Cruz Wins Senate Portion of Poll

Senate Candidate Ted Cruz

The Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll event turned out to be a very successful event for candidates to meet with some of the state’s top political activists from the grassroots of Texas. I will be writing a series of posts on this event to bring you some speeches and personal interviews I conducted with some of the speakers who were present.

Part of the event was, obviously, a straw poll. The poll consisted of two parts.A vote by the people present and a separate vote that was conducted by text messaging via an internet promotion. Emails were ablaze from candidates as the reached out to supporters to cast ballots on their behalf. The poll took votes on the Presidential Primary Candidates as well as the Texas US Senate and House races. Additionally votes were taken for State Senate and State House districts.

In the Presidential Poll, at no surprise to anyone, Rep. Ron Paul finished first with over 54% of the Text vote and 27% of the in person vote. In the Text vote, Rick Santorum finished second with 15.6%, followed by Rick Perry at 13.3% and Gingrich with 11.9%. The In-Person Vote showed Newt Gingrich at 23.8%, followed closely by Rick Santorum at 21.2%. Perry came in 4th with 19.4% of the vote.

American Veterans Honored at Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll


US Senate candidate, Ted Cruz delivered an impassioned speech to the attendees, as did several other Senate candidates. Cruz won both the Text vote and the In-person vote. He garnered 49.1% of the Text vote and 47.8% of the In-person vote. In the Text vote, Cruz was followed by the newest of the Senate candidates, Craig James at 12.9% and Glenn Addison at 12.0%. Lela Pittenger and former Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert tied at 9.1% each.

The In-person results showed Glen Addison in 2nd with 19.9%, David Dewhurst at 10.3%, Craig James at 9.9% and Lela Pittenger at 7.2%.

After Cruz’ speech, he paused to talk with me in an exclusive interview. During the interview, I asked Cruz about the stories being circulated that he is tied, through his wife, to the CFR. Normally, I would not ask a question about a candidate’s spouse, but this story keeps hanging around. I felt it was important to get his answer to this on record.

Interview with US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz

Other parts of the interview include Cruz’ discussion about defending Texas against an over-reaching federal government and protecting US sovereignty from the World Court’s attack on Texas during the 2008 execution of rapist/murderer Jose Medellian. Please note, this interview does not constitute nor imply an endorsement for Mr. Cruz or any other candidate in this race.

Interestingly enough, while then Texas Solicitor General Cruz was in Washington DC defending Texas in this case, I was on the prison grounds in Huntsville doing one of my first news reports about this particular execution.

During the next several days, I will bring you more reports about the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll. I have several other key interviews including one with former Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the board of Saddle Up Texas for their hospitality and cooperation in making these reports possible.  Specifically to the people I worked with, Boar President Joe Pelati, Vice-President Felicia Cravens (Houston Tea Party Society) and Director Dale Huls (Clear Lake Tea Party).  Without their work and the dozens of volunteers who put in tireless hours, none of this would have been possible.

Rep. Ted Poe on Rogue Fast & Furious Program – It’s Nonsense

Fast & Furious... It's Nonsense

This is a follow-up story about the murder of Brian Terry.  In December of 2010, US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a gang of Mexican banditos. Two of the weapons involved in the shooting were learned to have come from a federal program called “Operation Fast & Furious”.  Recently the House Judiciary Committee under the leadership of Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) held a hearing to receive testimony from US Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder as to the Justice Department’s involvement in this operation.  Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) is a member of that committee and recently sat down with me to discuss this and other matters related to Border Security and Illegal Immigration.

I asked Congressman Poe about his impressions of AG Holder during the hearings.  Poe said, “The more I learned from AG Holder, the more I was concerned, and am concerned about this entire operation.”  He continued, “The idea that the United States would smuggle automatic weapons to our neighbor, Mexico; give them to the drug cartels, the enemy of Mexico and the United States, 2000 weapons most of which are unaccounted for, it’s nonsense.”

Congressman Ted Poe discusses Operation Fast & Furious with Bob Price.

Poe stated that 200 Mexicans have died and at least 2 American law enforcement have died because of this operation.

The second thing that Holder said that surprised Poe was, “More people are going to die.”  Poe said, “That’s awful!”

The third thing Poe said was, “I asked him, who was in charge of this operation?” Holder’s answer – “I don’t know!”  Poe said that answer was preposterous.

Poe went on to say, “If he (Holder) didn’t know who was in charge, is there a rogue operation going on in the Justice Department?”  If there is some “rogue operation” going on, why has the Justice Department been unable to figure that out?

Video Interview with Congressman Ted Poe

I asked Poe if the AG testified under oath. He informed me that while Holder was not “sworn in” before the hearing, part of the agreement to testify makes it clear that the testimony was under potential of perjury.  Poe expressed dissatisfaction with Holder’s reluctance to give up any of his direct correspondence related to Fast & Furious.  He assured me, “We will get the documents!”

Poe said Holder should resign and President Obama should appoint a special prosecutor to completely investigate this operation.  I asked Poe about other’s calling for impeachment of the AG. He said that impeachment would take too long, citing next year’s elections.  He went on to say the Senate would never convict anyway.  If Obama does not appoint a special prosecutor, Poe felt certain a new president would in 2013.

Congressman Ted Poe

I asked Poe what he learned that he did not know before the hearing.  He expressed that he was surprised to learn that Mexico did know part of the operation but not the entire operation.  Poe asked Holder during the hearing, “Would you agree this was reckless conduct on the part of the part of the Justice Department?”  Holder replied, “Yes, I would agree that it was reckless.”  Poe pointed out that under Texas law; reckless conduct that resulted in the death of another peron is manslaughter at which point Holder backed away from his comment.

We went on to discuss the family of Agent Terry and their desire to see justice done. We talked about how the over aggressive prosecution of Border Patrol agents, like Agent Jesus Diaz, might have led to hesitation in response by Border Patrol Agents leading to their deaths.

And finally, we wrapped up the interview following up on our previous discussion about Congressman Poe’s bill on border security that would place 10,000 National Guard troops along the border, under the direction of border state governors but paid for by the federal government.  He told me this bill is still in committee and they plan on moving it forward next year.

At one point in the interview, Poe mentioned Holder’s reputation for not reading legislation citing the AG’s failure to read the Arizona 1070 bill prior to filing suit against the state of Arizona and even before testifying before Congress on the matter. Here is a video of that exchange between Poe and the AG.

We left this interview knowing we have much more to discuss. As the Congressional investigation continues, I will check back in with the Congressman to bring you updates on the progress of the investigation. If you have questions you would like me to ask the Congressman on this matter, please reply in the comments below and I will bring them up in our next interview.

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Confusion Reigns in Texas Redistricting while Lana Shadwick Files for Judge of the 179th Criminal District Court

Lana Shadwick Files for the 179th Criminal District Court

Texas Redistricting is a mess. No one seems to know which end is up when it comes to when and where to file. Maybe even what race to file for. Amidst all this chaos, one thing is clear – Judge Lana Shadwick has filed for the Republican nomination for Judge of the 179th Criminal District Court in the Harris County Republican Primary. During an informal filing ceremony, Judge Shadwick was joined by members of her family and volunteers from the campaign as she filed her forms, submitted petitions and paid her filing fee.

Shadwick’s campaign, now officially underway, has already garnered county wide support from key Harris County Republicans. She has earned the endorsements of leaders like former Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Paul Bettencourt and County Judge Robert Eckels, State Representative Debbie Riddle, District Clerk Chris Daniels, County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners, Constable Ron Hickman and many others… She has been endorsed by recognized conservative legal scholars like retired Justices Paul Pressler (Fourteenth Court of Appeals) and Tim Taft (First Court of Appeals). Shadwick has been endorsed by over 175 of the party’s precinct chairs, senate district chairs, SREC members, grass roots activists and Tea Party members of Harris County.

Shadwick signs filing forms under the watchful eyes of her parents, volunteers and the images of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. On the wall behind the group are former chairs of the Harris County Republican Party including former Chairman and US President George H. W. Bush.

Shadwick’s conservative credentials cover 35 years of Republican political history. “My parents are conservative and have always voted Republican. In 1976, I asked my father who to vote for when casting my first vote at age eighteen. He told me to vote for the Republican presidential nominee, President Gerald R. Ford.”  Shadwick comes from a background of solid family values.  Her parents, Bobby and Joyce Shannon, have been married for 58 years and have attended Pastor John Morgan’s Sagemont Church since 1969.  Bobby Shannon also passed along his interest in firearms and the 2nd Amendment to his daughter, teaching her to shoot in her early years. Mr. Shannon has been a “Life Member” of the National Rifle Association for fifty years.

Bobby & Joyce Shannon with their daughter Lana Shadwick

Her parents said, “We are very proud of Lana. She has worked hard all her life to get to this point.  Her life experiences and education bring her unique qualifications to serve in this position of great public trust.” They continued, “Lana has always excelled at everything she does.  She will make an outstanding criminal court judge.”

Shadwick currently works in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. However, being a judge is not about being a second prosecutor in the room.  A judge must administer justice, not prosecute the law. Her prior experience as a Houston Municipal Court Associate Judge and a Harris County Family Court Associate Judge has taught her how to weigh the law fairly and firmly.  She understands the adversarial role of our judicial system and the judge’s position as an umpire.  She has managed large case loads and court staffs.  And most importantly, as an appellate attorney in the District Attorney’s Office, Shadwick understands how to avoid many types of errors judges can make leading to reversal on appeal. Visit her website for a complete review of her qualifications.

Shadwick poses with the images of two of her heros, Presidents Ronald Reagan (for whom her daughter Reagan is named) and George W. Bush.

Shadwick brings the voters of Harris County a clear choice.  She brings a broad base of experience and knowledge for making the life altering decisions a felony criminal judge must make. She has a judicial temperament that will establish confidence that justice will be served.

Shadwick’s campaign is moving strong across Harris County as chronicled on her website and Facebook page.  She was recently featured on TexasGOPVote in its “Voice of the Conservative Vote” segment.

Fiscal Conservative Lana Shadwick signs her filing papers with an inexpensive stick pen!

As you can tell, the filing event was a lot of fun. But running a campaign is very hard work and demands much personal sacrifice. The election of judges affect the lives of many people.  You must now decide who will represent you on the bench.  Get informed.  Be involved.  Vote!

Lana Shadwick will return to the bench and be an outstanding criminal court judge for the State of Texas and the people of Harris County.  I am proud to share her story with you and give her my personal endorsement in this race.

Johnny Sutton Sends Yet Another USBP Agent to Prison – Free Jesus Diaz

USBP Agent Jesus Diaz

When my good friend, Gary Brugman, called me a couple of months ago to tell me that the reign of terror against US Border Patrol Agents by now formerly (thankfully) US Attorney Johnny Suttonwas not yet over, I was stunned.  It seems that Mr. Sutton had to kick one more border patrol agent in the teeth on his way out the door.

For those not up to speed, US Attorney Sutton (aka Johnny Satin) made a habit during his tenure as the US Attorney for the Western District of Texas, of persecuting US Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs while rewarding drug dealers with get out of jail free cards and US visas. The most famous of these cases involved US Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. One of the best things that happened when Barrack Obama took office was, Johnny Sutton was replaced.  Ramos and Compean were finally released after then President George W. Bush reluctantly commuted their sentences.

Bob Price with Former US Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos

However, on his way out the door, he found one more agent to go after. That being US Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz.  Once again, it appears that Jesus Diaz was simply doing his job.  He had arrested a drug smuggling illegal immigrant.  He had the suspect on the ground and handcuffed him.  As he was lifting the suspect to his feet to take him to his vehicle, the suspect tensed up. This is recognized by police officers that a suspect is about to resist or attempt to flee.  Agent Diaz exercised a control method used by police officers and federal agents across the country.  He grabbed the handcuffs and lifted the suspect’s hands upwards.  This is uncomfortable, but does not cause injury. It also quickly returns the suspect to a position of submission.

There was no further resistance by the suspect and he was then loaded into the vehicle and transported to the jail for processing.  Upon arrival, he was inspected and no injuries of any kind were found. There was no bruising and the suspect did not complain of mistreatment.

This case received national attention after Houston Radio Host, Joe Pagsinterviewed the wife of Agent Diaz, US Border Patrol Agent Diana Diaz.  Please listen to the details of this case from her.

Later, as has been the case in many of these persecutions, a complaint was filed.  The case was investigated by the US Border Patrol Inspector General and it was determined there was no violation.

US Atty Johnny Sutton

Enter Johnny Sutton.  Mr. Sutton takes over the investigation and starts a new prosecution.  This is about the time he is replaced as US Attorney, but the case proceeded anyway and Agent Diaz was convicted and sentenced to prison.  During the investigation and trial, Agent Diaz was not allowed bail and was kept in solitary confinement. His drug smuggling accuser was released from his charges and given a US visa enabling him to freely cross the border.

For the past several months, Agent Diaz has been held in solitary confinement in south Texas. His wife, also a Border Patrol Agent, was allowed to visit him on a weekly basis. Yesterday, she showed up at the prison for her weekly visit to find out that her husband was no longer located at this facility.  He had been moved and she had been given no notification of the move.

After much investigation, she learned that he has been temporarily moved to facility in Oklahoma.  He is to be moved from there to an undisclosed location.

This move took place about the same time that World Net Daily started a petition to free Agent Diaz. I encourage everyone reading this post to visit WND, read the story and sign the petition. WND has also learned the Obama Administration is attempting to place a gag order on thier coverage of this story! No surprise that Obama would seek to stop free speech and a free press.

USBP Agent Brian Terry

How does it come to pass that our justice department continues to persecute our law enforcement agents while rewarding criminals.  This is the same Justice Department that put thousands of weapons in the hands of drug cartels under operationFast and Furious leading to the death of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  What is wrong with our country and our priorities.  How can we expect our Border Patrol to secure the border when they are regularly persecuted for doing their jobs?  I thought it would stop when Johnny Sutton was replaced.  But he just had to get one more in on his way out the door.  Johnny Sutton should be thuroughly investigated to see what kind of corruption leads a man to these horrible decisions.

I have discussed this incident with Congressman Ted Poe and he assured me he will look into this matter as he did the incidents involving prior persecutions.

You might wonder, “What is Johnny Sutton up to these days, now that he can’t kick Border Patrol Agents to the ground anymore?”   Glad you asked

Here’s a new recruiting slogan for the US Border Patrol…  “Come patrol our borders and if we don’t get you killed, we will put your butt in jail!”  It is passed time for this nonsense to stop.  Write your Congressman today and demand an investigation into the Jesus Diaz case right away!