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Senate Candidate Steve Stockman Locks out Reporters, Other Candidates and Voters from Tea Party Meeting in Tarrant County

Stockman Lockout

Stockman Lockout

U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Stockman who currently serves as a Congressman in the 36th Congressional District of Texas appears to have an issue with freedom of the press and the First Amendment.  Stockman, who has been attempting to get an interview with this writer for the past couple of weeks, had a campaign event scheduled at the Northeast Tarrant County TEA Party on Tuesday night in Bedford, Texas.

As a political writer for TexasGOPVote, I decided to attend this meeting to learn more about Stockman and his campaign.  When I arrived at the event, I was surprised to learn that I would not be allowed to attend the event. It seems that, according to members of this TEA Party who were running the event, that as a condition of his appearance, Stockman required them to exclude members of the press, other statewide candidates and members of the public who had not been pre-screened by the campaign prior to the event.

It seems Stockman, according to a campaign spokesman, Al Lee, (who was speaking on his behalf at the event as Stockman himself was suddenly not able to attend) has been getting some bad press and publicity since announcing his campaign.  His response to this seems to be to block out the press and exclude people he has not pre-approved.

In a related story, the Dallas Morning News’ Claire Cardona reported on a meeting Stockman attended later the same evening at the Preston Hollow Tea Party. Citing the “rare public appearance”, the article stated, “Stockman as made few public appearances since he entered the race at the last minute last month.”

Dallas Morning News Photo of Congressman Stockman (2nd from Right) with Al Lee (Center) at Preston Hollow Tea Party meeting Tuesday night.

Is this what we want in a United States Senator? Not that it is any better behavior from a sitting Congressman, but that ship has already sailed. Do we want a Senator who hides himself from those who might disagree with him?

Stockman’s opponent, Senator John Cornyn, catches more than his fair share of unfavorable press and public opinion yet, he remains open to questioning from the press and the public.

After the Stockman segment of the TEA Party meeting, the doors were once again opened up to all who wished to attend. This incident is in no way a reflection on this TEA Party, but rather directly reflects on the openness and transparency of Congressman/Candidate Steve Stockman.

Attempts to contact the Congressman for a response remain unanswered.

The phrase, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen” comes to mind after witnessing this.

Congressman, if you still want that interview you know where to reach me…

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